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 Victor Filipe is the Broker and President of Tappan Realty Group and is responsible for all aspects of its operation and  the Firm's strategic planning initiatives. His career spans over two decades in both Mortgage Banking and Real Estate Investments.

His experience and background in Mortgage Banking and the Real Estate Industry, provides Tappan Realty Group with the ability to offer a more robust suite of Real Estate Services and greater flexibility for creativity and innovation, so we can better serve our client's real estate needs and connect them with better opportunities in the marketplace.
Whether you're looking to purchase your first home, invest in a new property or selling your property
Tappan Realty Group is ready to provide Buyers and Sellers with professional, responsive and attentive real estate brokerage services.

As a full service Real Estate Brokerage Company, we assist our clients through every step of the real estate process  

 and provide a Trusted Advisers Edge. Our team of experts will handle all legal negotiations and provide financial analysis.

Tappan Realty Group is ready to work with you.

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